Friday, 31 January 2014

Bollywood sarees collection updated - Jai Ho Sarees exclusive

The Jai Ho actress Daisy Shah is a Mumbai based pretty Gujju girl. Of-course, the saree love will inherit in the fashion style of this Bollywood actress. And the saree love can be seen in the movie Jai Ho.

Why are we talking about the Bollywood Actress today???
Because we are presenting the very EXCLUSIVE JAI HO SAREES COLLECTION at Sky Sarees!!

Yes, you heard it right, now you can get the cute Daisy Shah Jai Ho look at the best prices. We know you adore the sarees worn by Daisy shah in the movie Jai Ho opposite Salmam Khan. So here we go :

Another beautiful Jai Ho Saree

  An enchanting Jai Ho Saree I love the most :

I  love red very much. So this is for the red lovers like me - Red Jai Ho saree. (Anyone going to gift me???) :) :)

View more of these Jai Ho sarees at our Bollywood sarees collection online. And do not wait till the collection ends!!! Okay :) :)
Happy shopping....


Monday, 27 January 2014

Valentines Day Gift For Her - A Red Saree

Love is in the air! Much awaited Valentines Day 2014 is about to come. Believe it or not but a lady is more secretly waiting for this Valentine Day, as it is considered that Females are more romantic and sensitive than men. Whether she is mummy, sister, your beloved girlfriend, wife, to be wife or a daughter, make this Valentines day special by gifting a beautiful gift to her. But what?? If you are married then you already know what a lady loves the most (SHOPPING CLOTHES)? And if you are not married then do not worry. I am going to help you with this.

Every women regardless of her culture, status or body tone, every woman love sarees!!
Yes, all you married men out there, must be knowing, how this gender is crazy for sarees.
You can actually see it, on their wardrobe :) :) Females tend to own all the latest trendy sarees as many as they can.

Those who are still left to can also gift a saree to your pretty girl. You may have seen her everytime in other outfits. This time, you will know how beautiful a girl looks in sarees. So go on and get a lovely RED SAREE FOR HER.

Red, because it is an occasion of love - red love - bold love - passionate love... So express you feelings with a bunch of red roses along with a red saree.
Don't know where to buy sarees? Which type of saree, what design, what fabric???

I know these questions are running on your mind. We have a solution for you.

I am showcasing some of the best red sarees here. So you can shop easily without spending much time browsing here and there.

1. Take a look & choose the best
2. Place order
3. Pay & get it delivered at home.

Have a look at some of the best red sarees here :

1. A lovely printed red casual saree

2. Bollywood replica red saree

3. Designer Red Saree

4. Lehenga saree or one minute saree in red color :

Wedding Guest Red Saree -

There are much more red sarees like these at Sky Sarees. Don't miss to check the special discounts available on these sarees.
So, celebrate this valentines day adding an essence of love with a red saree gift to enhance her beauty and feminity.

May you all grow in love!!
Happy Shopping!! :) :)

Friday, 24 January 2014

Super Sexy Sarees Collection

Being covered, yet looking sexy is difficult, right? But these modern days sarees can let you look sexy even in sarees. Yes!! this six yarder Loooooong sarees can be draped in various stylish ways that can give you a sexy look. The pure fabric and elegant works on these latest sarees are like magic.

Almost, every female looks beautiful in sarees but you can create an impressive impact with quite a new and unique way of wearing sarees. If you have a real generous curves, then these sexy sarees can help you look more hotter. Don't worry if you do not have a toned body, even then, these sarees can help you look hotter.
 Like the Bollyood actress Vidya balan was criticized for being too fatty and toneless figure. But I can say, nobody in the present Bollywood Industry has managed to flaunt their body in such a great great way, as Vidya did. She is enough skilled at the art of draping sarees and look sexy.

Apart from Vidya balan, various Bollywood actresses have managed very well to look hot hot in sarees. Let us have a look at few of them

1. Deepika padukone in "Batameez dil" song of Yeh jawani hai deewani. Simple yet elegant and the sexy blouse style is adding the oomph factor to Deepy's looks

2. Kareena kapoor wearing below navel in song "halkat jawani" of the movie heroine. A very unique sarees styles has been discovered by Bebo in the song. A skirt-saree with the narrow pallu makes her look at the best in saree

 3. Priyanka chopra manages to make the air hot with her sexy saree at IIFA Awards

There are number of other Bollywood actresses who are expert in draping sarees. You can have a look at our Bollywood sarees collection to view more like these.


Looking for starting your own sarees business?

Keeping in view the huge demand of sarees all over the world, starting your own saree business is profitable. But if you do not care to read and follow the below guide then the profitable business may turn in loss to you. Research is very important in any business set up. Hence, it applies in starting up your saree business too.

Look around the local sarees shops and know what items they are selling. Find the price range they are offering to the customers, so that you can set your price range. From these sarees shops, you will come to know about the type of sarees the local people afford to buy. Remember, competitive prices will help you become more popular without spending more time in marketing your business.

If you are going to set up a physical boutique then you should be considering a decent and spacious location. In case you are setting up your online business then find out the best website development company to help you out in making a nice website at affordable rates.

Then comes to the products! Once you know about the taste of people, you need to search the sarees wholesalers or sarees manufacturers. Finding a sarees supplier is easy buy getting a GOOD AND RELIABLE SAREES WHOLESALER is difficult.
Surat sarees are famous worldwide. Infact Surat is known for its richest Textile resources. Research for a trustworthy surat sarees wholesaler or dealer and let them know about the types of sarees you need. Meeting and communicating will help your business grow!

And, you are now ready for inauguration of your sarees business!!

Surat based, Sky sarees is a leading provider of sarees in all range and all types.  

A prominent Surat sarees supplier, Sky sarees can help you start your own saree business. So if you are looking for a reliable Surat sarees wholesaler, then look no further than Sky Sarees. The company offers wholesale Surat sarees at the best price.  

Have a look at some of the well known types of surat sarees that Sky Sarees offers :

1. Casual Printed Sarees

Casual printed sarees are most demanding sarees among professional ladies or girls like Teacher, Doctor, Engineer, Nurse, College girls or any other professional women. Even some region in India, ladies prefer to wear printed casual sarees in daily wear.

2. Party Wear Sarees

Party wear sarees is little bit expensive and fancy. Party wear sarees are specially designed for occasional and festival wear with stylish laces, embroidery, stone work, patches and more.. Party wear sarees are available in number of  color, fabric and price.

3. Lehenga Sarees or One Minute Sarees

Lehenga style sarees are very trendy these days. Lehenga sarees are also called one minute sarees. These lehenga sarees are speciall designed for those who are in hurry to get ready for any event or those who don't know how to wear a sarees (Specially people like "Me" I am fond of wearing sarees but I am not good at draping it myself) :) :)

4. Indian Wedding Sarees

Indian wedding is not only popular for its celebrations and rituals, but Indian bridal wear is also popular worldwide. Wedding sarees are uniquely designed to give a more heavy look to the wedding outfit. Wedding sarees are not only bridal sarees, it also includes wedding guest sarees, that is, if you are a visitor to wedding or relatives, attending the marriage events, these wedding guest sarees are for you!!

5.  Designer Sarees :

Designer sarees are designed by special designer team. Designer sarees are unique and eye appealing can be worn at any suitable event.

6. Bollywood replica sarees

Bollywood fashion follower are in great demand all over the world. Almost, number of ladies would love to look like their favorite Bollywood actress. Sky Sarees can provide latest Bollywood sarees.

So, what are you thinking about starting your own sarees business? Contact us soon to get the wholesale sarees catalog and prices. E-mail us at or catch the live chat customer executive for any query.